Getting Active Could Help Boost Memory

A new recommendation from the American Academy of Neurology suggests that exercise can help people with mild cognitive impairment.   Physical activity is good for the body and the brain, but what about people with thinking and memory difficulties?   A new recommendation from the American Academy of Neurology suggests that exercise is indeed helpful for people with mild cognitive[…]

How to Instantly Fall in Love With Moving and Start Shaking off the Extra Pounds

Americans move a lot less than citizens of other countries. Average daily step counts vary quite a bit around the world: the U.S. ranks 30th, with an average daily step count of 4,774, while Hong Kong comes first, at 6,880 steps per day. Outside of counting steps, there are other measures by which we fall behind[…]

Try This Effective Total Body One-Dumbbell Workout

1 Dumbbell, Multiple Exercises   You already know that strength training is a crucial component to any workout routine if you want to get fit, get healthy, and lose weight.   Lifting weights allows you to build lean muscle tissue and burn more calories overall and all of this happens by challenging your body with more resistance than[…]

Easy Ways to Kick Your Sluggish Metabolism Up a Notch

Eat more protein, lift more weight, and other expert-backed ways to reset the bar for how many calories you burn every day.   When your metabolism is running like a well-oiled machine, your body is working for you. Not only can it make maintaining (or losing) weight a little easier, but maximizing your system’s calorie-burning engine will also help[…]