Keep Bugs Off Your Barbecue Party Guest List

Bugs are annoying and sometimes even dangerous to your food and your friends. To avoid those unwelcome insect visitors, you can use a variety of simple and homemade products around the area and directly on the food and drinks.   The burgers are being prepped, the watermelon cut and the water guns filled. The unofficial[…]

Gardening with Kids

How It Affects Your Child’s Brain, Body and Soul For parents struggling to find ways to encourage their kids to eat a healthy and balanced diet, gardening can be an important tool. Don’t let the idea overwhelm you. Gardening doesn’t require a perfectly level, large or sunny backyard. Try planting in a small raised bed[…]

Small Things You Can Do To Help Bees Survive

Bees are the backbone of the environment as we know it, helping many plant and animal species by pollinating. “More than 20,000 bee species around the world are the most important group of pollinators for farming and wild plants,” a representative from The Honeybee Conservancy told Bored Panda. We can thank bees for such delicious produce as[…]

Reasons Mosquitoes Bite Some People and Not Others

This may explain why the little fiends won’t leave you alone.   Ever notice how mosquitoes seem to frantically feast on some folks while ignoring others? It’s not just your imagination, says entomologist Joseph M. Conlon, a technical advisor to the American Mosquito Control Association. “There is no question that some individuals are more attractive to mosquitoes due to chemicals they secrete from[…]

Grilling Safety Tips for Summer Barbecues

It happens every year. The weather gets warmer, more people use outdoor grills – and incidents of grill-caused fires go up. Each year, outdoor grilling causes an average of 8,900 home fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association.   Gas grills cause more home fires than charcoal grills, the association adds. According to the Hearth,[…]

Keep People and Pets Safe in the Heat

Safety in the Summer Heat Never leave a living thing unattended in a motor vehicle!  Heat related motor vehicle emergencies are entirely preventable, see below for ways to keep your loved ones safe.  For other ways to help keep your family, friends, and pets safe this summer download our Hyperthermia brochure (English version or Spanish version) for[…]