Domesticated and Wild Animals, Regardless of Size, Are Affected by Heat Waves, Study Finds

Americans have transitioned from worrying about COVID to grappling with going heat waves. Triple digit temperatures during the summer have become a norm nationwide. It puts those experiencing homelessness, and anyone without access to air conditioning, at risk of experiencing heat-related illnesses, and it endangers both pets and wildlife. Yes, animals are adversely affected by the[…]

Autumn Safety Tips

There’s nothing like the crisp, cool air and luscious foliage to get you excited for the changing seasons. Your pet, too, is probably welcoming a break from summer’s hot, sticky weather. But fall is also a time of lurking dangers for our furry friends. From household poisons to cold weather hazards, there are important safety[…]

Five Ideas to Entertain Your Pet During Coronavirus Isolation

      Like many of us, our dogs and cats are adjusting to us being at home much more and they are learning new routines. Our pets are our best friends and are a great source of comfort in these uncertain times. Try baking and creating some healthy and delicious dog and cat biscuit recipes. We guarantee your[…]