Owning a Dog or Cat Can Reduce Stress

When thinking of ways to reduce stress in life, usually techniques like meditation, yoga and journaling come to mind. These are great techniques, to be sure. But getting a new best friend can also have many stress relieving and health benefits. While human friends provide great social support and come with some fabulous benefits, this[…]

Make Halloween Safer for Your Pet

    1. Don’t feed your pets Halloween candy, especially if it contains chocolate or xylitol (a common sugar substitute found in sugar-free candies and gum);   2. Make sure your pet is properly identified (microchip, collar and ID tag) in case s/he escapes through the open door while you’re distracted with trick-or-treaters;   3.[…]

Incomplete Endings: Coping With a Runaway or Lost Pet

Moving through the grief and guilt while not knowing how our pet may be doing …   It’s quite common to think that grief comes at a time when there is a physical death, or a concrete ending that we can face and begin to move through. Many loving pet owners, however, recognize that there[…]