Don’t Forget to Secure Your Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablet computers are convenient tools to mobile workers, but they introduce a ton of security risks. Here are some do’s and don’ts to ensure you stay safe as possible while using these devices:   DO configure your devices securely. That means enabling auto-lock with an unlock password, creating a strong complex password, disabling[…]

First Aid Essentials for Car or Purse

Tweezers Tweezers are an essential part of any first aid kit, particularly if you enjoy hiking or other outdoor activities. The safest way to remove a splinter or a tick is with a clean pair of tweezers. Disinfect the tweezers with alcohol well before and after each use.   Hydrocortisone Cream For itchy bites, consider[…]

Warning Signs of an Anaphylactic Reaction

Left untreated, anaphylaxis can be deadly. The first signs may look like typical allergy symptoms. But within 30 minutes, more serious signs appear.  Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that needs to be treated right away. If you have an anaphylactic reaction, you need an epinephrine (adrenaline) shot as soon as possible, and someone should call[…]

Keeping it All Together – Personal Health Information

Managing your health is so much easier with everything in one place. Keep a record that includes:   INFO – name, date of birth, blood type FRIENDS – who to call in case of an emergency GO-TO NUMBERS – pharmacy, doctor, preferred hospital SHOTS – vaccinations and dates MEDS – name and for what, dose[…]

Government Shutdown

EAP Resources for You As the shutdown of the federal government continues, the warning signs of its impact on federal employees are becoming even clearer. The reports of families struggling to make ends meet without necessary paychecks and the growing number of individuals reaching out through crowdsourcing platforms to acquire the funds to cover their[…]

Hurricane Michael | October 2018

Hurricane Michael Be Prepared | Respond Quickly | Be Safe   EAP Resources for You HelpNet Resources In the coming days, the Florida coast will be impacted by the arrival of Hurricane Michael. Emergency management officials are already predicting dangerous winds, storm surges, and flooding that may impact the infrastructure of numerous communities and lead to[…]