7 lessons about finding the work you were meant to do

Whether it was during a career aptitude test or in a heart-to-heart chat after getting laid off, chances are someone has talked to you about how to “find your calling.” It’s one of those phrases people toss about. But StoryCorps founder Dave Isay takes issue with it … specifically, the verb. “Finding your calling —[…]

How to Be Professional (Even in Slippers)

Working from home has made us rethink what it means to be professional. Like feeling comfortable swapping that work suit for a sweat suit.  But professionalism has always been about more than a dress code. It’s performing to your best, inspiring others, and feeling good about yourself.  Let’s explore ways to act and feel like[…]

Emotional Intelligence is the Most Critical Skill Needed Right Now

Emotions impact essentially everything we do, think, and say, and for this reason, a whole set of critical business skills are all enhanced by emotional intelligence (EQ). Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognize and understand emotions in ourselves and others, and our ability to use this awareness to manage our behavior and relationships.[…]

Workplace Goals for the New Year

The new year brings hopes and dreams for the future. You’ve made your resolutions — to lose weight, exercise, plan a dream vacation, for example.   Don’t forget, however, that you also spend one-third of your day at work. You can improve your on-the-job enjoyment and your productivity by making the following work resolutions.  […]