Why Getting More Than 9 Hours of Sleep Every Night Could Be a Bad Thing

Yes, it’s possible to get too much sleep.   Sleep is important, you know that. Skimping on sleep means you’re courting all kinds of health problems down the line, from heart disease to obesity to diabetes. Still, that doesn’t stop many of us from doing it: More than a third of adults get fewer than seven hours of[…]

Manage The Stress Of Social Media Social Comparison

Give Yourself A Break From Stressful Social Comparisons! A very telling study found that women report involvement with the social media site Pinterest as being stressful. The key stressor here is the social comparison that they find themselves engaging in. There are so many amazing projects to do, crafts to make, and ways to look at life,[…]

Which Home Remedies Actually Work?

Peppermint, honey, turmeric, ginger … which ones can help manage symptoms, and which are just old wives’ tales?   Take Care No matter what you’ve heard or how badly you want relief, talk with your doctor or pharmacist before trying any home remedy. This is even more important if you take prescription or over-the-counter medications,[…]

Ancient Secrets for Creating a Happy Life

Modern-day research supports much of what ancient philosophers already knew about happiness. Here’s what you should know about the link between good character and happiness.   When we talk about happiness in modern life, we are often referring to the feeling we get after the first lick of a delicious ice cream cone or when spending an afternoon[…]