What to Know About Stress and How It Affects Your Mental Health

Stress is normal and everyone experiences it in response to situations considered threatening or dangerous. When you’re stressed, your body responds by producing physical and mental reactions. These stress responses can be positive, keeping you alert to danger, motivated, or adaptable to new situations. Stress in itself is not an illness but when you experience[…]

Is My Stress Level Too High?

Maybe it’s your demanding boss, morning gridlock, or relationship problems with a friend or family member. Whatever the cause, it’s likely you experience some level of stress on a daily basis. But while some day-to-day stress is normal (and can even be a good thing if it motivates you), chronic, overwhelming stress can have a negative impact on your physical,[…]

Financial Stress: How to Cope

If you’re worried about money, you’re not alone. Money is a common source of stress for American adults. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association (APA), 72% of adults report feeling stressed about money, whether it’s worrying about paying rent or feeling bogged down by debt. This is pretty significant given financial stress is linked to so many[…]