Posture Training Exercises to Reduce Pain and Sagging

Posture — a word that inspires action with its mere utterance. Did you know that correcting posture requires skill?   Most people think that good posture is simply a matter of sitting up straight and pulling their shoulders back when they remember to do so. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.   Posture-related back pain is often caused by[…]

Total Body Strength, Balance and Stability Workout

This total body workout targets strength, balance, and stability by focusing on both traditional exercises and unilateral moves, which are often more difficult to complete.   Overview Equipment Needed: Exercise ball, medicine ball, resistance band and various weighted dumbbells   What to Expect: Warm up with 5-10 minutes of cardio. Then perform the exercises in each superset, alternating each exercise for 3 sets[…]

Exercises and Stretches to Help Your Joints

Staying active helps keep your joints flexible and strengthens the muscles that support them. Here are great ways to get started.   Exercise Can Keep Joints Strong Exercise helps keep joints flexible and strong. It can also help you lose weight, which takes pressure off aching joints. Every pound you lose takes 4 pounds of[…]

Stretching Routine for Walking

Stretching can improve your flexibility and can make your walking more comfortable. This stretching routine targets the muscle groups you will use for good walking posture and mobility. Many walkers like to do a stretching routine at the start of their workout. Some also like to again stretch at the end or do some stretches in the middle of long walks.[…]