How to Tell the Difference Between Sunspots and Skin Cancer

Sunspots — those marks that aren’t freckles or moles — are signs you’ve spent your fair share of time soaking up the sun. “Sunspots are your skin’s response to daily exposure to ultraviolet rays,” says Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine. These small, round flat lesions can show up[…]

Fun Fact Friday | Watermelon

What would summer be without juicy, sweet watermelon? Watermelon makes the perfect snack, picnic food or summer dessert. It’s also refreshing in smoothies, fruit pops and sorbets. Have you ever wondered where watermelon came from? How about the old wive’s tale about swallowing watermelon seeds? Read on to learn fun and interesting facts about your[…]

Diabetes-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Summer Party Foods

This summer, you can make most any meal diabetes-friendly — fast. It may be as easy as portion control, or as simple as getting more whole grains. Here’s how you can help keep blood sugar stable and enjoy yourself, too.   Summer’s all about parties. This year, you can make most any meal diabetes-friendly – fast. It[…]