Empower Your Team to Solve Problems Without You

Being a great manager isn’t only about solving problems for your team—it’s also about equipping them to solve problems without you. Here’s how to support your team, delegate more effectively, and let go of feeling personally responsible for every decision. The first step is understanding what beliefs underpin your current behavior. Do you worry your[…]

How to Build Trust with New Hires of Your Remote Team

With the shift to remote working comes a lot of technological challenges. For example, virtual meetings are now integral to the way we collaborate with colleagues and clients alike. To a growing number of employers, the benefits of remote working — including increased productivity and greater convenience for employees — are becoming ever clearer. But there[…]

Building Relationships With Your Team: How Approachable Are You?

Do you ever get the impression that people are avoiding you?   Being approachable is key to building relationships with your colleagues, and to creating a strong team in which trust, confidence and ideas can flow. When you’re approachable, team members do not sit on or cover up problems. This means that they are able[…]

Virtual Team Building Exercises

Building Connections When You’re Working Remotely   Make your remote team more effective. Many of us are now working from home, with a vast number of businesses asking employees to stay at home following the coronavirus outbreak of 2020. Some of us will likely already be used to remote working, but others will be struggling to adapt.[…]