How Technology Can Be Part of a Happy Life

Researchers are exploring what wellness looks like in a digital world.   Zoom Fatigue. Distraction. Burnout.   For many of us, digital overwhelm is all around. The pressures of remote work are all too familiar.   When we think about how to solve these problems, conversations inevitably turn to disengaging from technology: limiting screen time, deleting apps, taking[…]

Google and Apple Join Forces To Bolster Contact Tracing

Key Takeaways Exposure Notification is a smartphone-powered tool used to augment traditional contact tracing Users’ phones send and receive non-identifiable Bluetooth keys when people they have come into proximity with for more than 15 minutes test positive for COVID-19 Nineteen states have approved the use of this technology, with more likely to come in the future.[…]

The Hidden Stressors of Technology You Should Be Aware Of

The technology age has given us access to abundant information, has simplified many aspects of our lives, and has even improved our ability to connect with others throughout the world. It does, however, come with a few downsides. For instance, a 2019 study found that spending too much time on the internet, to the point[…]

Making Smart Use of Technology without Losing the Personal Touch

The High-Tech/High-Trust Balance   Technology can enhance a strong, trust based relationship with your clients, but Paul G. Krasnow warns that it’s no substitution for face-to-face time. This article lists 11 tips that will help anyone use high-tech tools in a smart and meaningful way.   Technology does a lot but it can’t do everything.[…]

5 Ways You’re Smarter Than Your Smartphone

These handheld wonders can make life easier — but is easier always better? Learn why it’s worth the time and effort to take back a few basic tasks.   Smartphones just keep getting smarter. We can now monitor our heart rates, adjust our thermostats, and refinance our mortgages with the same handheld devices we use[…]

Netiquette | Know Your Manners When Using Technology

Now that we’ve entered the digital age (with all the stresses of social media), there are new ways to strengthen relationships—and offend people. There are several rules of internet etiquette that many of us see people breaking all the time—to the detriment of their relationships.   Ten Basic Rules of Netiquette or Internet Etiquette   The[…]

How to Keep Technology from Disrupting Your Happiness

Technology can make our lives happier and more productive—but only if we use it intentionally, a new book argues.       Technology can bring happiness. Anyone who’s found the perfect meditation app or downloaded a grandchild’s photo won’t doubt that.   But technology can also bring anxiety, stress, and frustration. And that seems to[…]