To Tackle Boring Tasks, Direct Your Attention Elsewhere

There’s no escaping boring tasks. While you may do your best to fill your schedule with engaging activities, the reality is that we all have menial, yet critical, assignments at work. So how can you power through them? Research suggests one strategy is to pair the boring item on your to-do list with another activity[…]

5 Ways You’re Smarter Than Your Smartphone

These handheld wonders can make life easier — but is easier always better? Learn why it’s worth the time and effort to take back a few basic tasks.   Smartphones just keep getting smarter. We can now monitor our heart rates, adjust our thermostats, and refinance our mortgages with the same handheld devices we use[…]

How To Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind (Or Your Job)

The truth is that working remotely without going totally stir-crazy (or worse, getting fired) requires organization, discipline and a few clever tricks.    Ahh, pj’s all day, your own private kitchen and the perfect amount of AC. Working from home is basically living the dream, right? Plus, with all that time that you’re saving on[…]

Why We Keep Putting Things Off

The Psychology of Procrastination 15 Key Reasons We Procrastinate   We all know that procrastination creates stress in the long run, but some of us just can’t stop ourselves. In the interest of understanding yourself and others, learn the differences between those who chronically procrastinate and those who don’t, the main reasons people procrastinate, and[…]