20 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

Holiday weight gain is a common concern for many adults. Various seasonal holidays may encourage overeating, sedentary behavior, and consumption of calorie-rich foods. In fact, between mid-November and mid-January, adults in Western societies gain an average of 1 pound (0.5 kg) This may not seem like a lot, but most people don’t lose this extra[…]

Steps To Better Health, More Energy, And Weight Loss Without Strict Dieting

Often times, I found myself frustrated and down about not reaching my goals. I thought I was covering everything I needed and addressing the right areas.   I wanted to develop a writing habit, a salsa dancing habit, a meditation habit but I couldn’t achieve my desired outcome (despite my effort).   But as I[…]

Eat Healthier With Family and Friends

Learn to eat healthy at parties, restaurants and barbecues   You’re probably great at sticking to your diet when you’re alone in your own home. But do you notice that you eat more when you’re with others? If so, you’re not alone. Many dieters struggle to stick to a healthy eating plan when they are in[…]

How a Pinch of Cinnamon Can Help With Weight Loss

Cinnamon has been used in the medical arena for thousands of years. But today we’re talking about the popular claims regarding cinnamon as a weight-loss aid. Here’s a rundown of health claims centered around cinnamon’s role in your diet.   Cinnamon has been used in the medical arena for thousands of years. Europeans in the[…]