Ways to Make Eating Better a Habit

Not ready to commit to a major diet overhaul just yet? These small changes can set you up for success.   Sneak Yourself More Vegetables You know you should eat more veggies. They’re full of good-for-you fiber and vitamins. But the average person eats only about half the amount they should. So how can you[…]

How to Instantly Fall in Love With Moving and Start Shaking off the Extra Pounds

Americans move a lot less than citizens of other countries. Average daily step counts vary quite a bit around the world: the U.S. ranks 30th, with an average daily step count of 4,774, while Hong Kong comes first, at 6,880 steps per day. Outside of counting steps, there are other measures by which we fall behind[…]

Eat Your Way Fit With Nutrient-Dense Foods

The Benefits of Nutrient Density Instead of Diet for Weight Management   Going on a diet can feel overwhelming and the results typically unsatisfying. Diets and diet trends are a billion-dollar market targeting consumers who want to lose fat and gain muscle. Many diets also lack nutrients, according to research.   Have you considered not[…]

How Many Calories Should I Eat on the Weekends?

Can You Take the Weekend “Off” and Still Lose Weight?   Does your diet fall apart on the weekends? Most of us are less scheduled and more relaxed on Saturday and Sunday.  Sometimes that means we eat more and exercise less on those days. If your goal is to maintain your weight, the additional calories might not[…]