The Importance of Work-Life Balance and Overcoming Work Addiction

Although not a formally recognized addiction, workaholics struggle with balance   Work-life balance is something we aspire to but rarely achieve. This is particularly the case for people who work too much, including workaholics, or people who are addicted to work. Workaholism or work addiction was first used to describe an uncontrollable need to work constantly.[…]

Ways to Deal With a Workplace Cyberbully

Whether your co-worker is sending threatening emails or you’re being targeted on social media, some workplace bullies use the internet to intimidate others. Here’s how to deal with a cyberbully at work.   Most people consider cyberbullying a teenage issue, but the workplace is not immune to cyberbullying. In fact, workplace bullies often use cyberbullying to intimidate coworkers[…]

How to Bring Your Whole Self to Work

When we stop hiding our true selves and become vulnerable, our work environment is more enjoyable—and productive—for all.   Have you ever wanted to speak up about an issue or situation at work, but were afraid to? Or wanted to share something about yourself, but worried people might judge you? Or pretended to understand something[…]

Maintaining Mental Health at Work

Your Mental Health Needs Care, too! Mental health includes psychological, social and emotional well-being. It affects how you feel, act and think and helps determine how you handle stress. Recognizing your limits can make you happier and more productive, so try the tips below to help you find a healthy work-life balance.   Go home[…]

Mindfulness at Work

Study first to uncover positive benefits for teams   Date: May 3, 2018 Source: University of British Columbia Summary: Challenges and differences in opinion are inevitable when working in a team. But new research suggests some of these conflicts can be reduced, or even avoided, through team mindfulness.   Challenges and differences in opinion are[…]

Traits You Need to be a Great Leader

What qualities do you need to be a great leader? Do certain personality characteristics help people become better leaders? According to the trait theory of leadership, people who possess certain innate traits tend to be better leaders.   Researchers including Stogdill and later Mann have found that particular traits are linked to whether a person emerges[…]

Prevent Overexertion | National Safety Month

Many workplace injuries are a result of overexertion caused by lifting, pulling, or pushing objects. Overexertion is spraining a ligament or straining a tendon or a muscle and occurs when the amount of work attempted exceeds the limits of the body parts doing the work.   People with a preexisting condition, limited mobility, or aging[…]