Product List


Short term, solution focused counseling which includes assessment, referral, and crisis services.  (Same day appointments available for urgent/crisis callers, or facilitation of immediate hospitalization)


Staff development is an ongoing demand for most organizations. To have the best talent, it is important to develop your existing employees and retain them by offering professional development opportunities. AWP has a long history of helping organizations establish a healthy work environment that engages employees to do their best work.


Maximize your training time with an interactive broadcast that reaches your employees right where they are. Participants log into the training from their individual computers, where they hear a live presentation and engage in activities in a virtual classroom.

Help Net

Customized EAP website featuring resources, skill-building tools, online assessments and referrals.

Law Access

Legal and Financial services provided by a lawyer or financial professional specializing in your area of concern. Available online or by telephone.

Work Life

Resources and referrals for everyday needs.  Available by telephone.

Work Life Premium

Concierge service available by telephone, including resources and referrals for everyday needs.

Safe Ride

Reimbursement for emergency cab fare for eligible employees and dependents that opt to use a cab service instead of driving while impaired.

Well Coach

Participants receive a personalized wellness plan based on individual health needs, plus referrals to screened wellness providers and free educational materials to support your plan. Well Coach health advisors stay in touch with each caller for at least one year to assist with implementing the wellness plan.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)

Group events held after a traumatic workplace event, ideally within 48-72 hours of the incident. This allows time for participants to recover from shock and be ready to process as they are asked to share their experiences of the event.


A confidential voluntary process, where all agreements are reached by those most impacted by the dispute and the outcome. Mediated solutions are typically seen as “win-win” solutions to conflicts or disputes. Furthermore, as the disputants reach all agreements voluntarily, mediated agreements are generally considered binding.

Procedural Referrals

A procedural referral is a mandatory referral to the EAP. Procedural Referrals with a signed release of information provide the employer with a tool to verify that the employee has attended EAP counseling and complied with recommendations.

Drug Free Workplace

Recognizing that it is difficult for small businesses to institute DFWP programs, Congress passed the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1998, which established the Paul D. Coverdell Drug-Free Workplace Program to help small businesses through qualified vendors funded by the Small Business Administration. If you are a small business, you are eligible for free or reduced-fee services to help you establish DFWP.