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EAP Orientation for Employees  |  View Webinar


eap-street-signsAWP exists to find solutions for the problems that affect your life.  This session introduces employees to the endless benefits of our online resource databases, as well as the customized care of our national counseling network. Learn how to take advantage of the confidential and comprehensive services that you and your family members can access at any time.


Topics include:


  • Advice, resources, and referrals for daily living and self improvement
  • Confidential counseling and consultations for personal and professional problems
  • Utilization guidelines for employees and their families


Recorded 5/11/20


Parenting in the 21st Century | View Webinar


Modern parents maintain a complicated network of responsibilities. This course addresses the various roles we take on for our children, and the expectations and goals that come with each of them.


Topics include

  • Prioritizing our daily routine
  • Age-appropriate activities and boundaries
  • Tips for work-life balance
  • Parenting resources


Recorded 8/28/2020

This webinar is available for viewing through 11/30/2020


Grief, Loss & Renewal | View Webinar


This session provides a forum to discuss losses such as job change, moving, chronic illness, divorce, aging, and death. The way we each acknowledge and adapt to these losses makes us unique. The people and resources around us can help us cope.


Topics include:

  • Models of the grieving process
  • Coping strategies
  • Comforting others
  • Grief in the workplace


Recorded 6/1/2020
This webinar is available for viewing through 9/30/2020


Round the Clock: Late Shift Living | View Webinar


It’s not just the heavy eyelids that are difficult about working the 2nd or 3rd shift. Careers that require 24-hour staffing also require a part of our population to sacrifice the lifestyle that comes with the standard workweek, and create routines where society has provided little infrastructure. But there are some things we can do to ensure we are building the healthiest routines possible.


Topics include:

  • The new sleep schedule
  • Addressing the social setbacks of reversed days and nights
  • Changing unhealthy wind-down routines to healthier routines


Recorded 5/4/2020
This webinar is available for viewing through 8/31/2020


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To access your AWP EAP services, call 1-800-343-3822.  Your EAP is here to help with family, work, health and legal issues.  EAP Services are provided at no cost and are 100% confidential.


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